Twitter, Facebook, Skype

I use skype most of the time. I like its video calling. It works without any trouble.Sometimes,  I just use calling without video. I can share and get documents in skype. I started to use it this year. At the lesson, I learned the ways of using skype in education both for my improvement and for my students. 

I’m not the user of twitter but I got an account. I don’t think that I will use it but I will try. It can be useful if I follow some useful people for me. 

I use facebook for 7-8 years. I don’t use it actively but it helps me for most of the times. I can communicate with my friends when necessary. It helps especially if I have a group work at the school but I don’t know my group friends. I find them from facebook and talk about our   work. At the Call lesson, the teacher taught the ways of using facebook in education. My favorite way is creating a group an sharing everthing there.I think It is very useful. 


Digital Storytelling and Story Jumper

This week was the most tiring one for me but I did my tasks. Creating a story in a story jumper was easy for me. Actually I prepeared an easy story. It didn’t take a lot of time. I like it. Story jumper is an exellent idea for writing lessons. I can want my students to create stories at story jumper. It is more enjoyable to write something on a white paper. 

Digital storytelling was more difficult for me. It took some time to create it. But I had a nice video and I used it at my school practice lesson. I used it for listening lesson. I like it so much that I prepeared another video for my presentation in another lesson. This week’ s tasks were enjoyable and very useful. 

seventh week

At the beginning of the lesson the teacher explained our project to us.

Our new topic was online classroom.  The teacher started the topiic with Nicenet. He talked about its functions and advantages. You can’t share a document in Nicenet so that it works very fast.

Second online class example was Campus Dokeos. I t has more  advantages and I t has more tool option.  Teacher explained every part one by one.


I think online classroom is an excellent idea. We can keep on teaching even if we are not in the classroom.



David Anderson says that modern psychiatric drugs effect the chemistry of the whole brain and a lot of people won’t take them or stop taking them because of their unpleasant side effects. I was the user of prozac too and I stop using it, my reason was the same. According to David Anderson and Dr. Insel, psychiatric disorders are actually disturbances of neural circuits that mediate emotion, mood and affect.

He says that drugs don’t bathe the brain like soup. Rather, they are released in very specific locations and they act on specific synapses to change the flow of information in the brain. It is better to understand the cause and effect relationships in the brain.

I understand that it is better to go to a neurologist before going to a psychiatry.


At the second week there was a caos in the classroom. There were some problems. Some students couldn’t reach the internet, some of them couldn’t find a place to sit. The classroom was so airless because it was crowded. Anyway,  we had a lesson and we learned new things. 


In the lesson we learned google reader. We took a google account and added 20 people to that account. It is easy to read our friends’ posts from the google reader because the posts are aligned  one after another. I liked this idea. I have a gmail account know but I’m still using hotmail. I don’t know why but I like hotmail but I’m ok with the gmail too. I can’t use it effectively but I will learn how to use it effectiely. 

Fifth Week

We learned a lot of things again. Teacher showed us some symbols and asked if we know any of them. There were twenty symbols and I realized that I know only seven of them. We learned their meanings and how to use them.

The symbols were : google reader, gmail, feedly, skype, flipboard, Ted Talks, edmodo, socrative teachers, dropbox, youtube, twitter, dictionary, tureng dictionary, oxford advanced dictionary, aldiko book reader, qr droid, kaywa qr droid.


These can be used in pc and phones. The teacher explained how to use them in phones. I learned them but I haven’t got a phone to practice them.  

Fourth Week

At the fourth week we learned online groups. Online groups will be helpful to us in our collaborative works. We learned yahoo groups, facebook groups and google groups. Our teacher explained how to use these groups effectively. He showed some examples. We learned advantages of these groups.

I think using online groups will be useful for us. As a teacher or a student it is a great idea to make a connection for collaboration, learning and  sharing information. We can invite people or we can be invited to a group. It is wonderful ! I liked this idea and I will use it whenever I need it.



third week

At the third week I was not in the classroom but my heart was  with the Call lesson. I read my friends’ blogs and tried to understand  what they learned in the class.

They learned wiki. Thanks to google, I learned wiki too.

“Wiki is a piece of server software that allows users to freely create and edit Web page content using any Web browser.”  Wiki is a great opportunity for cooperation works.  Users can create and edit pages, they can add new information whenever they want.

They learned Google Docs.

Google Docs is a perfect idea for students who have to prepeare presentations or projects as a group. Students can edit their works at the same time with their friends on a  document.



CALL course

Before the Computer Assisted Language Learning course, there was nothing in my mind. I didn’t think about this lesson because I thought about the other lessons very much. After our first lesson I realized that this course will be perfect for me because I am not a good user of computer and internet. 

I have a computer but I’m not interested with facebook, twitter, blogs ect. Actually I just watch movies, documentaries about astronomy, old civilizations and history or read free pdf books. I read ekşi, inci or uludağ from time to time.  That’s all that I do with my computer.


Actually, I’m not unpleased but I think as a teacher  we have to use technology in the best way. I think, teachers must have the knowledge that their students already have. If students know technology very well but teacher doesn’t, there will be a huge gap between students and the teacher. So CALL lesson will be good for me.